WHY Did We Create This Website?


Why are we doing this?

As a parent, I want to provide my family with the very best: the best schools, the best books, the best manners, the best ideas on which to feed their minds. But as a stay-at-home-mom, I don’t always have the budget for every concert, play, or ballet I want to share with my children. So I look for the free (musical performances at the library), the pay-what-you-can nights (is there anything better in north Texas than Trinity Shakes for $5 per person?), or I wait until the last minute when ticket prices have been cut (hello! Hamlet at the Fort Worth Opera for $17 per person – excellent seats said my husband, excellent production said my sons).

Sometimes I cringe when I discover that I’ve missed a great opportunity because I didn’t know about it until it was too late; either I missed the performance altogether or I couldn’t fit it into my budget or my schedule at that point. I am still grinding my teeth over missing an area church’s production of “Amal and the Night Visitor” a year or two ago. Grrr!

So to keep you from missing awesome and affordable performances and to share the passionate thoughts of my amateur mind, I have started this calendar/blog. My goal is to have every possible performance in the DFW Metroplex listed — from the professional productions of the Fort Worth Symphony to the local church’s production of Handel to those absolutely free performances at the library. Obviously it’s going to take a while to find “every” performance so please feel free to tip me off to places, groups, and opportunities you are aware of that I haven’t found yet.

Along the way, I might share some books or activities our family has enjoyed that you might find fun, too, as a way to expose your family (and yourself!) to the arts.

It’s going to be fun! I hope you come enjoy it with me!


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